The QI Equip software is completely delivered via the Web. By offering our product through a secure web based connection, we eliminate the need for special hardware, costly on-site maintenance, lost disks. In turn, support becomes a breeze. The QI Equip support structure is designed to offer you and your facility instant access to solutions. We count on you and your facility to connect to the internet... but once you log in to QI Equip, you've got a partner ready to assist.

Technical Support:


Technical Support Features:

- Log-In issues
- User Privilege issues
- Facility additions
- Report use and features
- Error handling
- Site display errors

The Technical Support feature of QI equip meets the expectation that software should come with answers. Since we are web based, we have eliminated the cumbersome problems that often come with hardware. As long as you have a connection to the internet, you have access to QI equip from anywhere in the world. That means that you also have access to our Technical Support team.

Analysis Support:


Analysis Support Features:

- Data Retrieval
- Reading the Trends
- Establishing Flags
- Realistic Benchmarks
- Translating to the QA Team
- Explaining results to team members

QI Equip will collect as much information as you wish to inject into the database. But information without action is time wasted. Our Analysis Support team will help your new users understand what they are reading and how that translates into real world application. You won't need our Analysis Support ongoing, but it will certainly come in handy when you are learning to become a power user of QI Equip.

Training Support:


Training Support Features:

- Setting Up the software
- Navigating the software
- Printing reports

Let's face it. No one really enjoys software training. The good news is that QI Equip is designed for very simple use. The training of facility staff rarely takes more than 20 minutes. The management training can be performed via web conference in 1 hour or less. But it doesn't end there. We will continue to answer questions about setting up and navigating your data on QI Equip.

Programming Support:


How often have you sat in front of your computer and remarked, "I wish the program would do this..."? Software becomes better through feedback and what we call "Wish Lists". The QI Equip programmers have extensive experience in Long Term Care as operators and owners. We understand that functionality must meet the need of the facility. And we don't always have the perfect solution. Offer up suggestions and desires. If we choose your upgrade, you'll be the BETA tester for all of our users while getting direct input into the use and form of the data. We can't meet everyone's request, but we listen closely.

Currently in Development:

- QIS Clinical Reviews
- QA Program With F-TAG Risks
- Medicare Management Program
- Pre-Admission Analysis Tool
- Survey Readiness Tracking
- Plus individualized tracking