Pricing Plans

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QI Equip is a Monthly Subscription Service :



How much would you pay for a non-productive piece of software? Probably not much. On the other hand, what would it be worth to have a software package that actually is built to assist your Quality Assurance Team, Track financial risks, and trend your data so you can manage more efficiently? We understand the constraints on budget, but we can't give away our service either. We've struck a middle ground and found a monthly price that fits the small operator, the medium, and large companies.

Our Software is designed for operators and management companies.

The monthly facility subscription fee will never be higher than 11 cents PPD.







Why Subscription?

Our software is designed to be accessible from any computer at any time. The communication tools, expanding resource library, and data management tools are constantly upgrading and flexing with the ever changing environment of Long Term Care.

You can end your subscription at the end of each contract term. Additionally, you can add facilities anytime to your subscription plan and instantly begin tracking your facility progress.

Subscriptions give us a way to plan future modules for our long term clients and also allow you an opportunity to grow into the QI equip system.

Got 10 Minutes?



If you would like to see the software in action, CONTACT US for a no hassle, no pitch test drive. We'll log you in via WebConnect and let you test the system. Our promotions team will stand by and answer any questions or elaborate on any item at your request.