News: Developing

02.01.2017 : HR Module
QIequip has just completed the HR Module.                 

Use Qiequip to maintain personnel data. Who is due a TB skin test or license renewal? Create a corporate wide no re-hire list to avoid making the same mistake twice.


10.01.2016 : Nurse Competency Review Module
QIequip has just completed the Nurse Competency Review Module.

New CMS regulations require Nursing homes to demonstrate the competency of their staff. Use Qiequip to meet this need and track your staff's competency with a simple pass or fail grade.


07.01.2016 : Payroll-Based Journal
QIequip has just completed Payroll-Based Journal Reporting.         

Let Qiequip help you with your PBJ data submission. Maintain your personnel and their hours in Qiequip and generate your submission file with one click.



About us

QI Equip is comprised of a team of practicing Long Term Care professionals. With background in Clinical, Operations, Management, Ownership, Marketing, and Technology.

In 2001, RMS, Inc., created an in-house software program for our 4 contract therapy companies. After 9 years of working with web based technology in the nursing facility setting, we struck out to do the same for our management company. After developing a few basic tools that we use every day, owners and operators were asking about computerizing their operations as well. With basic reporting tools, tracking tools, and trending analysis tools, QI Equip has emerged to match the challenge of managing multi-facility environments.


Our team


David Storey

David comes to QI Equip from the software industry where he spent over 20 years engineering software to meet the demands of multi-site environments under governmental guidelines.


Eric Dykman

Eric directs the module construction process by providing real-time information and insight to actual hands on operation. His experience in Long Term Care as a Regional Manager, Quality Assurance Director, and Facility Operations Consultant helps provide solutions that are usable at facility level.


Paul Stein

Paul serves as the Team's Chief advisor and looks ahead to facility software needs. Paul's 20+ years as Administrator, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Nursing Facility owner/operator provides insight into corporate structure and communication needs.