Finally...a web based tool that tracks, trends, and improves performance.

What happens when a group of Nursing Facility owners, Management Companies, Clinicians, and Consultants come together to create a solution? You get QIequip. A no frills web based software solution to help manage information and trend administrative and clinical data. Take a look at who we are, what we do, and how much we cost. Contact us for a private tour or if you are completely impressed, sign up immediately.

What we offer

QIequip is a fully scaled Nursing Facility management tool, built for multi-facility operators and management companies. Administrative and Clinical modules available.

Our Support

QIequip has employed a support structure to help our clients not only understand the software capabilities, but offer to help interpret information

Our New Clients

Trend Consulting Management

Stein LTC Management

Inquiry Tracking

Announcing The Grievance Tracking Module:

A common and repetitive task in Long Term Care is following up to grievences and complaints. As a facility owner or manager, you'll enjoy the ease of posting, tracking, and following up to concerns and complaints. Reminders and tracking tools are built into the module to help managers identify the follow up and performance of your customer service.

Featured Module:
Calendar System

QIequip spent hours in development to deploy a smart calendar tool for planning, follow-up, and compliance.

The web based calendar system acts and feels much like the common desktop calendar systems available on most computers. This means that learning the system is a snap. Each facility in the ownership group will be able to place recurring events and reminders for meetings, fire drills, equipment maintenance, and more. The corporate office will use the tool to calendar important events, reminders, visits, survey window alerts, and more.

A complete tool and a FREE addition to your subscription package. No upgrades and no hidden charges... it's part of your subscription to QI Equip.